Multiple Teams · DSUSD Allows “Soft Opening” for Athletic Conditioning

At the DSUSD School Board meeting on Tuesday, October 20, the Board voted to allow a phased return for coaches and athletes to begin basic workouts.

A typical year would have girls soccer begin voluntary workouts at the end of September – preparing for tryouts at the end of October with matches beginning in mid November.  CIF-SS has adjusted the competition calendar and girls soccer will be a Spring Sport for this school season.  The spring season begins at the end of February.

As such, girls soccer conditioning will not begin until after the Thanksgiving break (At the earliest).

Even with this delay – please be sure to have athletes complete the online clearance items ASAP.

To complete the clearance process, go to

Students will not be allowed to participate in ANY type of practice or games until all clearance items are completed and returned.
Please see the detailed instructions below.

Instructions: Click Here
Physical Form: Click Here

You will need to UPDATE YOUR CLEARANCE for EACH SPORT you play.


Further Information…

Phase 1 Protocol for
Desert Sands Unified School District

Pre-Participation Requirements 

  • All student athletes will be screened prior to being allowed on campus for conditioning using the NFHS form.
  • All coaches will be screened with the NFHS form by Athletic Trainer prior to being allowed on campus. 
  • After being screened coaches will screen their cohort of student athletes.

Limitations on Gathering / Available Athletic Facilities

  • Athletes must remain in the same cohort with the same coach. 
  • Cohorts will be no larger than 10 student athletes per coach (s) with a group maximum of 14.
  • All conditioning sessions must be conducted outside and be no longer than 60 minutes in duration. If a session begins at 4:00pm it will end at 5:00pm.
  • Coaches and trainers must take the NFHS covid 19 training before beginning workouts.
  • The athletic trainer/ coach performing screening must wear appropriate PPE.
  • Any coach or student who does not pass screening will be referred to the athletic trainer and for directions on being sent home or isolated until parents can pick them up.  


  • Under Phase 1 No sharing of athletic equipment will be allowed.
  • All students and coaches must bring their own water jugs with enough water to hydrate the entire session.  Absolutely no sharing of water. Schools will not supply water or water bottles.

Emphasis on Safety / Voluntary Participation

  • Participation is voluntary for all coaches and students.
  • One point of single point of entry/exit will be maintained
  • Conditioning will be between the hours of 3:00pm and 7:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times unless a student athlete is participating in vigorous physical activity.
  • Coaches will wear face covering at all times. 
  • All face coverings will properly cover the nose and mouth at all times.  
  • Drills and activities will be of non physical contact nature and allow for 6 feet social distancing during all activities.
  • At the conclusion of conditioning sessions all students must immediately leave campus. Congregating on campus or in the parking lot is not allowed.
  • Parents or guardians who drop off students must leave campus and they may return when condition has ended for pick up.
  • It is recommended that once a student athlete returns home after conditioning that they wash their practice clothing and shower.
  • Student athletes will not be allowed on campus or to participate in conditioning without a face cover.
  • All conditioning sessions will be conducted outside
  • In order for a student to return to the school site following a COVID-19 positive test they must exhibit no fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medication, substantial improvement in symptoms, and at least 10 days since the positive COVID test. 
  • Pools can be used for conditioning as long as social distance can be maintained and as long as the pool is outdoors. Every other lane of the pool can be used by one student athlete at a time. It is recommended that prior to entering and after exiting the pool the student athlete maintain appropriate face covering. Each student athlete must bring their own towel, swim cap, goggles, snorkel, kickboard, etc. No sharing of equipment. Cleaning protocol should follow the Industry Guidance Document